Jewelry Care

On Holiday jewelry is hand-crafted using .925 sterling silver and 14 karat yellow and rose gold-filled metals, and is safe and comfortable for people with sensitive skin.

Sterling silver jewelry should be kept in a sealed baggie when not being worn to help prevent tarnishing.  All of our jewelry is shipped with a small baggie and anti-tarnish paper for proper storage when not being worn.

Gold-filled metals will not tarnish or discolor your skin; it’s the next best thing to solid gold. It contains no nickel and is considered hypoallergenic. With reasonable care, it will last a lifetime.

Gold-filled pieces should also be kept in a sealed baggie with anti-tarnish paper when not being worn.

Feel free to use a soft polishing cloth or mild dish soap along with a soft cloth to clean your jewelry.  Keep in mind, softer gemstones and pearls will not hold up to some jewelry cleansers. Please contact us if you need more info.